Keyboardio Arrives!

For the leadup to the arrival, see the series starting here

My Keyboardio Model 01 arrived today and I’m using it to write this very post!

The out-of-the-box experience with the keyboard was wonderful. The packaging was very nice and everything made it to me nice and safe.

Plugging it in to my (Linux) computer it immediately detected it, started working right away, and gave me a nice light show with the LEDs.

Being me, I of course immediately had to break it by installing my own firmware with all the wacky mappings and configurations I’ve been planning. Of course, there were a few errors in the code, resulting in a keyboard that could do nothing but show a single red light. I eventually got things working though, and I’ve been using it all day.

It is very comfortable right off the bat. Typing letters feels pretty good; the only consistent typoes I’m making are constantly hitting x instead of k (this is a Dvorak layout, so the keys labeled b and v, respectively) and accidently hitting Enter instead of d (h on QWERTY). Other than that, it’s mainly getting used to having the modifiers and such on the thumb keys. It is interesting too, that the typoes I’m making are stretching too far – when I make smaller movements, things are fine.

Code for my layout, if anyone is interested, can be found here (note that the diagram is slightly out-of-date, as I’ve been changing things as I find how things feel in practice & haven’t updated the picture yet).