Learning to Draw

For most of my life, I’ve identified as someone that can’t draw. I’m not sure why – my mother and step-mother are both artists – but maybe I was discouraged by seeing expert-level proficiency early on and recognizing that I couldn’t do that.

Anyway, I always proclaimed that I lacked all artistic ability for years, even though I secretly wanted to learn. I’d occasionally try reading things like Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, but I would be too embarrassed to let anyone see me reading it or, even worse, practicing.

In January of this year though, I decided to change that. I’d been inspired by seeing eevee’s progress over a year of learning to draw and I think I’d finally reached a mental place where I would be (slightly) less embarrassed to be seen drawing.

I started drawing a little comic on an index card every day.

I’ve maintained it for an entire year now, and have amassed a large stack of cards. I’m glad I did this and I’m thinking of new challenges to take on next year.

I don’t think my drawing has got substantially better over the year, mostly because I was more concerned with consistency and, especially in the later half of the year, I didn’t have much time to spend on each drawing. The most important thing for me is just having become comfortable drawing things when I need to and being able to do so quickly.

I think in 2017, I’ll try doing a drawing a week, but try to actually consciously practice and challenge myself more.

Next year, I’d like to try out digital drawing too…we’ll see!

(oh, and I am represented in the drawings as a pterodactyl for reasons sorta explained previously)

Figure 1: January, just starting, using pencils exclusively
Figure 2: February
Figure 3: March; at the end of the month, I decide to start using ink
Figure 4: April
Figure 5: May; I start using pencil crayons
Figure 6: June
Figure 7: July
Figure 8: August; after getting back from a trip, I get out of the habit of colouring
Figure 9: September
Figure 10: October
Figure 11: November
Figure 12: December