One Year of Writing

Last year, I decided I wanted to get more comfortable writing fiction. As with my previous effort of getting better at drawing, I set myself a challenge to do a little bit every day for a year.

I had fun with this; it was much harder than the drawing effort, since I had to come up with an idea each day. Originally, I would just write for 15 minutes, but that soon morphed into “roughly fill a page”. Some are slightly shorter than others, but most are around 300-400 words.

The stories are all fiction, but range somewhat in tone and topic. Some are little self-contained short stories, most are what I think of as teasers or intros to a longer story I’d want to write.

Linked below is a big ol’ PDF of all of them. I’ve only done minimal editing, so there are certainly typos galore. Please let me now if you find any of them interesting or enjoyable!

I’m planning on going through and picking out a few of my favourites, after which I’ll edit this post with links to just those ones.

All stories


Non-Human Perspectives